To be a good leader you need to set the example, do the right thing and stand up to help people when they need you to. You also need to be honest as well as listening to others and focus on what is important even when it is hard you must persist to get to that goal. You should show resilience when people are trying to irritate you.




At Montmorency S.C we did lots of fun activities such as the game were we were blindfolded and we had to throw a ball into a basket that someone else was holding. We also did an activity were we had to cross the floor without touching the floor and we only had two big mats and we had to slide the other one then jump onto that one and repeat the process while trying to beat the other team. But my favourite one is the one were there was two teams, one of the teams were the cops and they had to catch the other team, only one cop could be running at a time and they had to tag in a cop on one of the chairs then they would sit down and they weren’t allowed to run between the chairs were as the other team could. Each team could only have one person on at once and the game finishes once everyone on the other team has been caught by the cops.

The book review
Rangers Apprentice
By Logan

Today we are doing a review on the book series Rangers Apprentice. It is a book about a 15 year old kid who’s called Will and is an orphan who really wants to be a knight and ends up being apprenticed to one of the mysterious rangers called Halt. They go on many adventures as he starts becoming a ranger.